Control Systems

At Premier Steel Technologies, we have worked on complex and comprehensive control systems dedicated to each machine to suit expectations in the production of the desired component. We are up to date with all the latest safety issues and can incorporate these systems into the safe and efficient running of the roll form machine.

We have a wide and varied knowledge of all control systems including PLC automation, electronic length control, and pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Our personnel can layout a complete operating system to suit your production requirements, then build and install the control system to perform to high standards. Whether it is a simple or complex process, we have solutions to cater to any problem you may have. The following aspects however, come directly within our scope of work:

  • Length Control Systems
  • Servo Feeding Systems
  • Hydraulic Circuits
  • Pneumatic Circuits
Additionally, we also have other process control systems that we can apply to your equipment, and we are happy to work with the relevant authorities to bring you the latest in electronic safety systems as the law requires.

Customer List

We are currently involved in the production of cable support systems, shelving sections, steel stud manufacture, truss-decking, fencing components and many others in a range of materials including galvanised steel, pre-painted steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.
The mining industry is another user of rollforming methods, and we produce split set sleeves for interstate mining operations.

Current customers include:  

  • Atcore (Unistrut)
  • One Steel Reinforcing
  • Rondo Building Systems
  • Phoenix Mining
  • SMH Group
  • Gibson Shopfittings
  • Dorma Glas