Our Services

Custom Rollforming

Premier Steel technologies offer a rollforming and pressing service mostly within the metal industry. We have approximately 15 machines of varying sizes and configurations, and a number of our roll-bonded lines have in-line punching capabilities to reduce second-operation handling costs.

Tooling and Design

We will tailor-make your profile by outlining and making tooling to suit your needs, then installing the same onto one of our machines to produce your product. We also offer assistance in client product composition and have in-house rollset and equipment depiction capability, giving us the ability of presenting our consumers with a complete start-to-finish service.

Pressing, Stamping and Fabrication

We also have a number of manual and auto-feed presses, as well as a robotic welding facility, fabrication area and an equipment maintenance workshop.

Machine re-furbishment

Premier have re-installed and refurbished many machines, making an old machine perform like new again. We can re-fit an existing machine with all new appliances, controls etc. potentially saving the client considerable financial outlay.

Control Systems

An extension to our main business is the ability to connive and build complete machine operating systems, whether they be simple or complex. Length control systems, servo feeding systems, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits etc. are all within our scope of work.

Transport and Delivery

Our 7m x 4 tonne capacity truck can deliver finished product within the local area.

Customer List

We are currently involved in the production of cable support systems, shelving sections, steel stud manufacture, truss-decking, fencing components and many others in a range of materials including galvanised steel, pre-painted steel, aluminium, stainless steel, etc.
The mining industry is another user of rollforming methods, and we produce split set sleeves for interstate mining operations.

Current customers include:  

  • Atcore (Unistrut)
  • One Steel Reinforcing
  • Rondo Building Systems
  • Phoenix Mining
  • SMH Group
  • Gibson Shopfittings
  • Dorma Glas